Manjaro Xfce與GNOME的預載軟件一覽

雖然說Arch的系統有非常自由的空間讓用家選擇自己偏好使用的軟件,但適當的預載軟件卻能免卻不少安裝和設定的煩惱。所以在安裝Manjaro GNOME前先羅列出一堆Xfce edition和GNOME edition所預載的應用,方便參考比較。


Type Xfce Edition GNOME Edition
File Management
File Manager Thunar GNOME Files (Nautilus)
File Searcher Catfish File Srarch Included in file manager
File Rename Tool Bulk Rename N/A
Archive Manager Engrampa GNOME Archive Manager (File Roller)
Network Applications
Web Browser Firefox Firefox
BT Downloader N/A Transmission
Download Manager N/A uGet
Image viewer Viewnior gThumb
Music Player Audacious Lollypop
Video Player VLC Player GNOME Video (Totem Movie Player)
PDF Reader qpdfview GNOME Document Viewer (Evince)
Instant Messenger Pidgin Empathy
Internet Relay Chat Client HexChat HexChat
Office Tools
Office Suite LibreOffice:
– Writer (Document)
– Calc (Spreadsheet)
– Impress (Presentation)
– Draw (Drawing)
– Math (Formula)
– Base (Database)MS Office Online Wrapper:
– Word
– PowerPoint
– Excel
– Outlook
– OneNote
– Skype
– Writer (Document)
– Calc (Spreadsheet)
– Impress (Presentation)
– Draw (Drawing)
– Math (Formula)
– Base (Database)MS Office Online Wrapper:
– Word
– PowerPoint
– Excel
– Outlook
– OneNote
– Skype
Email Client Thunderbird Evolution
Desktop Memo Xfce Notes N/A
Desktop Notebook N/A GNOME Notes (Bijiben)
Text Editing
Basic Text Editor Mousepad GNOME Text Editor (gedit)
Design Tools
Image Editor GIMP N/A
Game portal Steam Steam
Peripherals Applications
Printer/ Printing Manager HP Device Manager
HP Device Manager
Scanning tool N/A Simple Scan
Webcam Shooter N/A GNOME Cheese
Sensors Viewer Sensors Viewer N/A
Widgets and Gadgets
Calculator Galculator GNOME Calculator
Map N/A GNOME Maps
Desktop Calendar Orage Calendar GNOME Calendar
To-do List N/A GNOME To Do
Clock Orage Globaltime (Global time only) GNOME Clocks (With alarm, stopwatch, timer)
Weather N/A GNOME Weather
Dictionary Xfce4 Dictionary N/A
Address book N/A GNOME Contacts
Keys Manager N/A Gnome Passwords and Keys (Seahorse)
Clipboard Manager Clipman N/A
Development Tools
GUI Designer FLTK N/A
System Tools
Terminal Xfce4-terminal GNOME Terminal
Audio Control PulseAudio Built-in GNOME
Screenshot Xfce4-screenshooter GNOME Screenshot
System Restore Tool N/A Timeshift
Disk Manager Gparted/ parted
GNOME Disk Usage Analyzer (Baobab)
GNOME Disk (UDisks)
Gparted/ parted
Task Manager Htop
Task Manager
GNOME System Monitor
Network Manager NetworkManager Applet NetworkManager Applet
Network Service Discovery Avahi Avahi
Bluetooth Device Manager blueman-manager blueman-manager
Basic Firewall Gufw Gufw
Icon Browser N/A Gtk3-icon-browser
Fonts Viewer N/A GNOME Font Viewer
System Log Viewer N/A GNOME System Log
Hardware Lister N/A lshw
CD/DVD Burner Xfburn Brasero
USB Image Writer N/A SUSE Studio Imagewriter


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