The battle of Chinese University Marks the Beginning of Total War in Hong Kong

Source: 譚蕙芸Facebook

Over half a year, the tension in Hong Kong keeps raising. Since Monday the police began to siege 6 universities. My school — the Chinese University of Hong Kong turned into a major war zone.

On Tuesday, the police repeatedly broke their deals with the university administrators and students, trying to storm into the campus, which by law they have no right to enter without permission from the university. Within a day they threw thousands of tear gas and varies types of bullet, which is the sum of bullets being used from June to August, into the campus. Students defended with umbrellas, tables, sports equipment, instantly made petrol bombs, etc. The sport ground became a field hospital. Professors, medical and nurse students treated over a hundred wounded. Protesters outside the campus occupied many districts in the city in attempted to disperse the police force. The crush lasted until mid-night and the police finally retreated with the cover of water cannon truck.

A small portion of tear gas gathered in the campus.

After the battle of the Chinese University, the clash gets to a new level. The next morning protesters blocked nearly all major roads and public transports in the city. Many students, workers and shops joined the strike. Workers in Central came out to protest during lunchtime. The crush last the whole day and night, and the same thing is repeating each day.

Before you think the protesters are rioters, think about it: Millions of Hongkongers tried all peaceful ways to call for the very reasonable demands over the past 6 months. Even the demand for universal suffrage has been called for over 30 years. Throughout the months, a million marched, two million marched, the Hong Kong Way, the Lennon walls, the assemblies, etc. Not to say the political reform that all Hongkongers long for, the government is still refusing as little as an independent investigation to the tragedies throughout the months but returns with higher and higher force in the name of “restoring order”. The police are already out of control. Ten of thousands of tear gas and bullets poured onto the streets. People witness police brutally arrested anyone who looks offensive to them, shot students with live rounds, intentionally shot into journalists’ eyes, stop firemen and first aids who wanted to save lifes, allowing pro-government gangs hurt people seriously with weapons but charge the victims with “rioting”, and some have been killed or being raped likely by the police. Even more, all supposedly lawful and peaceful demonstrations in the past 2 months were suppressed by the police brutally. After so many bloody incidents happened and every right is suppressed, what can the citizens do now?

If the students of CUHK couldn’t withstand the police, this would be the scene in the next morning — Korea Yonsei University in 1996, where 5,715 were being arrested when students protested inside the campus (source).

We all know violence won’t come to a good ending. After all there is little chance to overturn the police force and the bigger bosses behind by sole force. However, Hongkongers are being pushed to a dead end. When people lose every right to oppose legally, when they keep being arrested brutally without a valid reason, when they got attacked, raped or even killed because of their political stand, when police can storm into any private property to arrest everyone and even invade the universities, humanity drop to a new low and we see no chance the government will compromise. People unavoidably have to resist harder and may cause some violence. Nevertheless, the protesters are still trying to be rational and avoiding to hurt civilians.

Make clear of your mind that the source of violence is the apathetic HK government and the cruel Communist Party of China behind. It is the government who continuously ignores the voice of people, so the people strike on the streets. It is the government who refuses to resolve the political problems but try to overwhelm the people by force, so the people resist. It is the government who teach the citizens that peaceful demonstrations are useless no matter how strong the public opinion is, so people are forced to act radically. It is the government who destroyed all chances to be rational and declared war to Hongkongers. People shall never surrender to this dictatorship. Otherwise, Hong Kong will totally fall into totalitarianism.

I hope international society can understand the anger of Hongkongers and the humanity crises facing. Although I may not explain all rounded, the post link below may help you know deeper about what happened in Hong Kong. Remember there is only dictatorship but no rioters. Totalitarianism won’t be beaten down by just sitting around. Hongkongers are at the front-line against a world-class tyrant. If Hong Kong falls, the world shall be the next.

All you need to know about Hong Kong Protests 2019】- LIHKG Forum

God bless Hong Kong. May justice, democracy and freedom come to the city.

(Originally posted at Medium)


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