My Tiny Vim Configuration v1.0.0

最近又更新了自己的Vim設定檔。這次更新改動較大但不算多:更新了一些插件、修正了一些安裝問題、完善了說明文檔、清理了一些沒有用的檔案。不過最重要是這次改用了另一個相當sexy、針對較多不同語言高亮,還在持續開發的配色方案sonokai。因為這款配色主要支援全彩顏色,在那些古老而只支援256色顯示的terminal emulator上使用體驗會沒有那麼好,所以版本號直接跳上v1.0.0以作區分。



A major update of my own vim configuration is online… not too many changes actually. There are some plugin updates, bug fixes, cleanups, better documentation. And most importantly, a new, sexy color scheme “sonokai” has been applied! The color scheme supports full color, has better support to language specific syntax highlight, and is still under continuous development. However this color scheme may not work that well in 256-color terminal emulator than the color schemes I used before so I pumped the version number to v1.0.0.

I didn’t intend to put a lot of effort on this update. However I accidentally found some amazing color schemes and they really caught my soul. They made me rethink the color schemes on the software tools I’m using, and made me take this update more seriously. I’m even writing a new article to express my opinions on some popular color themes I know too! (But sorry it would be written in Chinese.)

Special thanks to those who are using my configuration. I didn’t realize that some people would actually use it. Hope you enjoy using it and learnt something!

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更新日誌 Release Note

[v1.0.0] 2021-06-03

From this version I switched to sonokai as my default color scheme and started to fully adopt into true-color terminal environment. Therefore, from now on the configuration may not work that well in 256-color terminals. If you encounter color display problem, you may try switching back to the 256-color color scheme I used (e.g. wombat256i) or revert to my previous configuration (<1.0) instead.

I didn’t realize that some people actually use my configuration. Hope you enjoy!


  • New color scheme: sonokai, one
    • sonokai with maia style would be the default color scheme
  • Instructions on installing the configuration for sudo vim
  • Instructions on updating plugins
  • More tips on usage
  • More troubleshooting instructions
  • New screenshots


  • Updated plugins:
    • gv (72dc64d -> 5f902f4)
    • lightline (c172131 -> d5cea5b)
    • nerdtree (6.7.11 -> 6.10.9)
    • nerdtree-git (f522a09 -> 4524fb4)
    • tagbar (2.7 -> 3.0.0)
    • vim-fugitive (v3.2 -> v3.3)
  • Turn on termguicolors for true color support


  • Dropped color schemes: jellybeans, molokai, peaksea, wombat256mod


  • Fixed submodule reference of gv and vim-tldr. They can now be cloned correctly

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